Medical indications:
- Neurocirculatory dystonia of cardiac type
- Non-acute rheumatic heart disease
- Hypertensive disease, stages I-II
- Coronary artery disease - angina pectoris, phases I-II
- Coronary artery disease – post-infarction cardiac sclerosis (after six months)
- Chronic heart failure, stages I-II
- State after coronary artery bypass surgery (after six months)
- State after coronary stenting (after four months)

Medical contraindications:
- All acute diseases
- Oncological diseases
- Infectious diseases
- Tuberculosis and asthmatic bronchitis
- Acute myocardial infarction
- Exertional angina, phases III-IV
- Unstable angina
- Heart failure, stages II-III
- Cardiopathia, accompanied by cardiac asthma
- Hypertensive disease, stage III
- Hypertensive crises and cerebral stroke
- Pregnancy, all periods

Good-equipped treatment department and highly-qualified experts in balneology will ensure that your treatment runs smoothly and efficaciously. Patients of sanatorium commonly engage in physical activities prescribed in relevant rehabilitation programmes (simulators, walking (racewalking, speedwalking, fitwalking), sports, sea bathing, etc.).

The sanatorium offers:
- Treatment and diagnostic rooms and laboratories
- Medical iodine-bromine baths
- Massage
- Therapeutic exercises
- Psychotherapy
- Physiotherapy
- Treatment with naphthalene and paraffin
- Solar and air baths
- Salubrious sea baths
- Therapeutic gymnastics
- Underwater shower massage

Treatment results are observed by experienced specialists making use of the following diagnostic equipment:
- Electrocardiography
- Ultrasound
- Clinical and biochemical laboratories

If necessary, you can easily employ the services of following specialists:
- Dentist
- Gynecologist
- Neuropathologist
- Psychotherapist
- Urologist