About sanatorium
“Bilgah” cardiology sanatorium

Holiday season in Azerbaijan continues all the year round. Azerbaijan possesses rich and, in some respects, unique recreational resources. The remarkable nature of mountainous and foothill areas, treasured balneological resources, curative muds, amazing beauty of mountain lakes, waterfalls, sandy beaches of the Caspian Sea, vineyards and fig gardens of Absheron as well as abundance of sunshine create favorable conditions for a year-round recreation and therapeutic treatment.
One of the famous and popular resorts in the country – Bilgah – is located just 40 km away from Baku (which is the capital of Azerbaijan), on the northern coast of Absheron peninsula, among olive groves and vineyards.

The climate of Bilgah is subtropical dry, the average temperature of January floats around + 2oC, while the same indicator for July is equal to +25oC; average precipitation per year makes up merely 200 mm. Snow usually melts within a few days after each snowfall; withal, snow cover endures for about 5 days. The average relative humidity during a year fluctuates between 55% and 70%. Annual totals of sunshine hours make up to 2008 h.
Successful combination of Caspian air saturated with oxygen and remedial ions, warm southern sun which prolongs the bathing season from mid-May to October, of fine-grained sand beaches and gently sloping seabed that forms sandy shallows for tens of meters makes it reasonable to try out climatic thalassotherapy and heliotherapy here.

Alongside with the climate favorable for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, warm sea and comfy beach, another vital natural healing factor Bilgah is famous for is iodine-bromine mineral waters, the source of which is located directly in the territory of cardiology sanatorium, which, in turn, spans over a large park at the very edge of the sea.
The resort has a comfortable therapeutic section, equipped with modern diagnostic and medical equipment.

Here you can find rooms serving for functional diagnostics, therapeutic gymnastics, physiotherapy, electric sleep, massage therapy, oxygen therapy, dental and gynecological examinations, a balneal clinic and clinical diagnostic and biochemical laboratories.
The sanatorium, visually memorable for the application of national architectural elements in its design, perfectly meets the present-day concepts of comfort and convenience.
It offers patients single and double occupancy rooms with all the amenities.

Cozy and aesthetically decorated nutrition room surely improves appetite and peps up the impressions about Azeri national cuisine, distinctive for its richness and savor.
Visitors spend their leisure time quite handily. Besides the trivial round of walking along the park, sea bathing and relaxing on the beach, sanatorium suggests other enthralling facilities, such as a video saloon, library, billiard room, café, etc.
There are postal and telegraph offices and a store here, too. It’s worth noting that the sanatorium provides various household services as well.